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How we do shipping

Many people always ask, how do you manage to bypass delivery or cross customs and others. First, we want you guys to know that life is all about understanding and also how professional you are in your field. We have been doing this thing for quite a long time now and we have created lots of connection. Secondly, we don’t work with a single courier cos it’s too risky so we always use different companies to deliver and it’s always discreet.

Our advantages

Our Flakka shop is a company that deals mostly with research chemical protected under the label (not for human consumption) and with this we can assure all our customers that it’s very legal to ship most products available on this website. The right to purchase any product from this website is accepted to everyone above 18 years. Delivery is handled with care by secret delivery agents and it’s always discreet and well secured.

Express delivery

We offer 1 day express delivery within the U.S and also 2-4 days express to the following locations.

1) We do 2 days express delivery to Canada

2) We do 2-3 days express delivery to all countries in South America

3) We do 2-4 days delivery to everywhere in Europe

More about 1-day express delivery

If you want to place your order and choose 1-day express delivery, make sure that you place your order and complete payment before 4:00 pm. Also, express delivery is available only for customers within the U.S continental. We are always open to help you with our live support or you can contact us if you have any question.